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J. Elmore Hudson ‘30 Corps of Cadets Scholarship

A Houston A&M Club Scholarship

The J. Elmore Hudson ’30 Corps of Cadets History Essay Scholarship, coordinated through the Houston A&M Club, affords undergraduate students the opportunity to gain recognition for excellence in writing regarding the historical experience of cadets at Texas A&M. Students whose entries are judged to merit awards by a panel of judges will be eligible for one-time scholarship awards.

A first prize of Seven Hundred Fifty Dollars is awarded for the best work of historical scholarship. The second prize is Five Hundred Dollars. Resources include those publicly available, such as those in Cushing Library and the Sanders Corps Center, and those collected and preserved by authors, such as personal recollections, interviews and materials. Submissions must be made electronically by 11:59 pm (Central Time) March 19, 2019 to entries@preservingcorpshistory.org. Judges are drawn from volunteers who wish the ensure the history of the Corps of Cadets is preserved. Each submission is judged by a panel according to a scoring rubric. Volunteers are appreciated. Noncompeting submissions, particularly from former students, their families and their friends, are welcome.